Author: Arin

Non-toxic Cleaning Webinar

Essential oils are a wonderful alternative to harmful chemicals found in cleaning products. They are very effective and they smell great! In this webinar, you will learn how to make your own non toxic cleaning products and other tips from seasoned essential oil users. Password: oils  

Animals and Essential Oils Webinar

    Essential Oils are not just for humans! Our pets love them too. Click above for the replay of our recent webinar on using these oils with your pets. Fun, informative, and inspiring. Password: oils Learn how to choose oils for your pets. Learn some basic safety practices. Learn skills for better communication with your pet. Learn recipes and protocols for common needs.  

Music and Essential Oils!

Jasmine & Juniper will be offering live Chakra Balancing sessions at the forthcoming Cornflower Equinox concert at The Haven in Ashland, OR on March 19th, 2016. Purchase TICKETS here. Not only will you experience amazing music in a beautiful environment with an awesome tribe, but you will also experience the power of divine aroma to enhance your celebration of the Equinox! Come see us at the event for your Chakra Balancing session and to enter a drawing to win this kit of essential oils totally FREE!   The Family Physician Kit from doTERRA includes 5 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, dōTERRA Breathe, DigestZen®, and dōTERRA On Guard® . For more information on doTERRA Essential Oils visit my doTERRA Store.

Divine Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

If you are like me, it might be difficult to resist the temptation of chocolate. As someone who loves chocolate (but avoids gluten), I was so excited to see dōTERRA’s Black Bean Brownies recipe post! I know that you might be worried about putting black beans into a dessert, but it is seriously so good and good for you. If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, I highly recommend it. I used this recipe to make the Peppermint brownies—has anyone else made this recipe with other oils?