Start HERE!

Are you ready to create income with your essential oil business? START HERE!

  1. Decide what your first income and rank goal is. Silver or $1500 a month a is a great place to start. Write this down on a piece of paper as a declaration. “I am Silver rank or more on or before Dec. 31st, 2017” Not sure? watch this video.
  2. Your first step is to make your 100 person names list and schedule your first 3 classes or 3 one to one appointments.
  3. Watch this video to learn how to run an appointment HERE.
  4. Tune into our weekly coaching call Monday’s at 10am PST. Just dial 503-388-5253
  5. Connect with your upline mentor for guidance and support. If you do not know who your mentor is, let us know!
  6. For daily mentoring and support, join the conversation on our FB group for Team RISE.
  7. For archives of past calls, webinars etc. visit the “Team Resources” page of this site.