Team Energy Clearing


Essential Oil Educator and Team R.I.S.E co-founder Arin Fugate guides us through and energy clearing using doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy blends. Please be sure to grape at least Forgive, Passion, and Motivate before watching this.

Our vibe attracts our tribe, so let’s be sure to cleanse our vibe often.



Let’s let go of anything that hurt, frustrated, or zapped us of our energy the past month.

Everything is energy and they say your VIBE attracts your TRIBE. So let’s make sure we are high vibes all the time. Our tribe is waiting for us and the only way they can find us is if we SHINE BRIGHT!

Dana Schwartz LAc and David Watts LAc are skilled energy workers, and they will be leading us through a simple (yes–you can duplicate this on your team!), short and powerful exercise that will help reset our glow at the beginning of the month.

Dana and David are passionate about natural solutions for healthcare. As licensed Acupuncturists and Herbalists, their efforts align with the vision to revolutionize Healthcare today. Their commitment in marriage to each other is a guiding force and foundation in all that we do. They aim to bring this level of commitment to the art, practice and study of medicine. They are committed to continue to refine, renew and update the information they share with their patients and their communities. They deeply enjoy teaching and sharing about the many ways to use the gifts of essential oils and are grateful to include them in their offerings. Their simplicity, potency and power create a support system which enhance a lifestyle of health & well-being.

Dana has completed three journeys to Peru and into the indigenous Shamanic traditions of the Andes. These have led her to the Pnuema System of Education. She is currently immersed in a deep study of the mystical traditions of the earth, which informs her work within medicine as well as the human experience.

Additionally, David has studied the traditional medicine of the America’s, with the Four Winds Society. His work blends the lineage of the Peruvian Q’ero and many other ancient traditions, with whom he has mentored with. One of David’s greatest gifts is his offering of music through Kirtan. David is regularly on stage holding the bass lines for Saul David Raye, Girish, David Newman, Govindas and Radha and many others, chanting in devotion to the universal energies that connect us all.